Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Day After


I’ve been too long from these pages, but today seemed the right time to return. My father–a lovely, gentle man–would have been 96 today, so I am thinking of him. And knowing how heartsick he, my mother, and my husband would be over the election two days ago. So I’ve put Vivaldi on Pandora, and moved out to the porch, where it’s a bit on the chilly side, but okay with a blanket over my legs. I needed to be out here where there is more sunlight than anywhere else in the house, and where birds greet me on either side of the room at the feeders. The squirrels are running their usual zig zag patterns, and the tree colors–as they do yearly at this time–lift my soul.

Soul lifting is in order after Tuesday. I had a day of wound-licking yesterday, avoiding contact with anyone in person, but checking in with those whom I love, as distraught as I was. It was a day in which I journaled, read a bit of the Book of Common Prayer, watched a most gracious response from Hillary Clinton and President Obama and yes, ate ice cream and watched trashy t.v. But last night, at my daughter’s suggestion on Facebook, I sent a donation to an immigrant rights organization, and tonight I go to my usual Thursday night gig. I am part of a group in my small town that is working to eradicate poverty here, which is much higher than you might imagine. A meal is served weekly, followed by group time in which marginalized folks are paired with town folk (“allies”) who can offer advice and hands on help. My part is with the children, and though it can be frustrating at times trying to convey concepts such as “mindfulness” to a nine year old, I always come away with at least one insight from the night’s session; I always come away with at least one hug. I hope they are absorbing a little of what we are trying to share.

I retired almost a year and a half ago, and though I am kept very busy with family and particularly the growing crowd of grandchildren, I know that I need more with which to fill my days. So I will think about what that might be; the Trump victory and the changes it will bring in policies toward the poor, minorities, the LGBTQ community and so many more, will certainly provide many opportunities…..

I miss you often,  but especially today, Dad, your wisdom and advice. But I will follow the example you set my entire life, one of compassion, love, and help for those who most needed it, including me. Love indeed trumps hate.