Sweet Baby James


“Whenever I see your smiling face” could well have described me the other night!  Finally, finally…after forty years or so of being a fan, I got to see the incomparable James Taylor in concert~not only that, but he brought his incredibly talented son, Ben, along (and how could this kid NOT be talented with his DNA?!).  I’d been a bit afraid that JT wouldn’t do lots of his hits in deference to showcasing Ben’s talent and upcoming CD release, but that wasn’t the case.  By my count he sang at least a dozen of his most famous, as Baby Boomers in the sold out show called requests from the darkened audience.  He is just as self-effacing in person as he has always appeared to be from afar, and very low key.  He joked about a recent broken leg on the ski slopes of Aspen, chiding himeself and us that one shouldn’t take the old theatre adage to “break a leg” too seriously!  There was certainly no evidence of any permanent damage that night…no cast, and he was bopping all over the stage. So, even though this wasn’t on my “bucket list” (I have no such thing, at least not written down; perhaps a small mental one?), I’ll continue to smile every time I remember that evening.  I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain; and yes, now I’ve seen James Taylor…..

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