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The never ending hike


So, under the heading of  ‘I’m pretty sure I was a blonde in another life,’  I walked Max (wearing an odometer), and that was a mile…good!   I then decided to walk on my own, thinking I’d do two more miles.  Hmmm…I went  to a lovely little park in town.   I’d seen a trail that comes from it (or so I thought) as I came down the street that runs along the train tracks.  “I know,  I’ll follow the path and end up on the main street of town, and can see all the beautiful Victorian houses as I walk back home that way.”   Nope!   The path ended, I started  wandering, and was totally turned around.  It was a beautiful day and my little town’s safe, but after 20 minutes or more of this  I was getting a little skeeved out, in part because of the abundance  of overgrown brush and vines that kept trying to trip me up,  and the thought of snakes that might attempt to welcome me as they were sunning themselves.

I finally got to a point where I saw houses and ultimately never did find the park again (really?!!!!), so simply cut through some people’s yard, which I hated to do.  But by that point there was a pretty fair possibility I’d be left there overnight, unable to find my way home, and possibly eaten by scavengers of some sort if I didn’t just go ahead and trespass.    You’d think at this point that I would be headed in the right direction, but such a thought wouldn’t take into account the fact that I’m seriously directionally impaired.   I meandered around this street where the house was located, and which I hadn’t been on in a long time.  I naturally made a wrong turn and found  myself with a choice as to which way to go on a rather major road.  Not surprisingly,  I chose the wrong way and managed  to add an extra 1/2 mile or more to what had already turned into the never ending hike.  I got to the cross road, realized my mistake, and back I went, now trudging along with only one repetitive thought in mind….get home, get water, get home, get water.  Finally, I did  just that and realized that any and all Girl Scout training I had had was for naught.    The only good to come out of the entire mess (a full two hours of walking, all told) was that I ended up logging a total of four miles for the day!  There’s simply got to be an easier way….

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Sweet Baby James


“Whenever I see your smiling face” could well have described me the other night!  Finally, finally…after forty years or so of being a fan, I got to see the incomparable James Taylor in concert~not only that, but he brought his incredibly talented son, Ben, along (and how could this kid NOT be talented with his DNA?!).  I’d been a bit afraid that JT wouldn’t do lots of his hits in deference to showcasing Ben’s talent and upcoming CD release, but that wasn’t the case.  By my count he sang at least a dozen of his most famous, as Baby Boomers in the sold out show called requests from the darkened audience.  He is just as self-effacing in person as he has always appeared to be from afar, and very low key.  He joked about a recent broken leg on the ski slopes of Aspen, chiding himeself and us that one shouldn’t take the old theatre adage to “break a leg” too seriously!  There was certainly no evidence of any permanent damage that night…no cast, and he was bopping all over the stage. So, even though this wasn’t on my “bucket list” (I have no such thing, at least not written down; perhaps a small mental one?), I’ll continue to smile every time I remember that evening.  I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain; and yes, now I’ve seen James Taylor…..

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