An uncharted twist to “The Odyssey”


Monday morning we’re all sitting in the school auditorium, enjoying a program by three folks from Theatre IV.  They come yearly (various actors, of course) and present an entertaining but also educational play for the children, and it is always tied in with one of the SOLs, Virginia’s standardized tests.  This year’s was a retelling of some Greek myths (third grade SOL), and was very well done, including some humor only the adults might pick up on (“I think the guys at the Kalamata Club will really like this,” etc.).  Anyway, all is going swimmingly when (oops, if you’re eating, stop reading now) this second grader throws up.  Poor kid!  As if this weren’t bad enough, he manages to hit about five other kids sitting near him in the process.  So here are all these little kids, covered to varying degrees in vomit, and ensconced in the middle of  200 others smack in the middle of the floor, trying to quietly follow their teacher out of the auditorium and to the clinic to get cleaned up and, in the case of the sick kid, sent home.  One little girl, I will admit, wasn’t so quiet, crying loudly, “I want to go home!!!” as she passed the rest of the students. 

Meanwhile, the administrators are sort of crawling to the area where all this happened and trying to wipe up the mess, as well as moving kids on either side completely away from it.  In addition, the janitor had to be called via walkie talkie to come sprinkle her magic cleansing/deodorizing powder on the area.  This entire thing probably took about ten minutes but there were a couple of remarkable things about the whole scenario.  One is that the other kids didn’t go nuts with this going on and/or indulge in sympathetic or hysterical vomiting. The other is that the actors never missed a beat, continuing with their simplified version of Scylla and Charibdis; talk about a bunch of troopers!  In any case, it was quite a start to the week…


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