Rainy Day Sundays


I don’t know why it should be, but it is…Sundays always seem so long!  Not in an unpleasant way, mind you, particularly if you’re involved in some activity or other that’s filled with joy, or totally captivating your mind and senses.  This can run the gamut from losing yourself in a book (I’m currently devouring The Handmaid’s Tale, a classic I’ve shamelessly overlooked all these years),  to a mundane task like roasting vegetables for dinners in the week ahead.  And really, it’s a pleasant sensation…that feeling, even if you’ve given over a few hours in the morning to church, of having the afternoon stretching in front of you, free–with any luck–of any annoying errands or chores that must be completed.  Those have been banished with Saturday’s lengthy to-do list!

So~here’s to Sundays and their long, lovely, lethargic air…made especially nice on days such as this, when rain has allowed for an enforced period of reading and dreaming by the fire.  Monday will inevitably be here all too soon….


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